Global Gender Equality in conflict/ Post - Conflict

UN Women- Constitutional Research- Global Gender Equality in conflict/ Post - Conflict

A supervised research course associated with the Access to Justice and Constitutions Unit of the Leadership and Governance Section, UN Women.

Un Women was created in 2010 as the United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women. UN Women designed and launched the first Global Gender Equality Constitutional Database (GECD) in December 2013. The database is a repository of gender equality related provisions extracted from 195 constitutions from around the world. GECD now presents 24 categories and 19 subcategories, including: affirmative action; national/local level quotas; participation in public life; sexual and reproductive health; and sexual orientation and gender identity. The project now aims to create a collection of in-depth Research Papers mapping the impact of gender equality provisions in constitutions in emerging democracies and post-conflict.

The course students, supervised by Profs. Tomer Broude and Yuval Shany, prepared comparative Research Papers on Israeli law and on non-Israeli jurisdictions. The students - Dorothea von Gablenz, Shira Gushpantz and Tamar Drori, traveled to Washington DC, to participate in a UN Women Conference to present their papers.