Joint Seminar with the University of Fribourg

University of Fribourg – Hebrew University of Jerusalem Joint Seminar in International Law

Prof. Samantha Besson, University of Fribourg & Prof. Yuval Shany, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

The UniFr-HUJ joint seminar includes six students from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland) and six students from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (Israel) who met to discuss various international law issues arising from the film The Law in these Parts (Ra’anan Alexandrowicz, 2012) during two three-days sessions in Jerusalem and in Fribourg in the autumn 2016.

The issues discussed in the film and during the seminar pertain to the (domestic and international) law applicable to and in the occupied territories. They include issues in legal philosophy (related mostly to the rule of law, legal pluralism, legal resistance, state of emergency, judicial law-making and the relation between the judiciary and politics), general international law (related to jurisdiction and statehood), international human rights law (related mostly to due process guarantees, but also to other human rights issues such as jurisdiction and derogations) and international humanitarian law (related mostly to the law of occupation and to the distinction between civilians and combatants).

As a part of the course, the students met with professionals from the ICRC, UNRWA and military courts in Geneva and Jerusalem.