2019-2020 Courses 

Introduction to Transitional Justice - Dr. Einat Ronen (62103) 

Fried-Gal Colloquium in Transitional Justice: international, Comparative, and Regional perspectives - Prof. Ruti Teitel (62242) 

Transitional Justice in Israel - Dr. Ori Avi-Guy (62319) 

Lands, Town Planning and Preservation in Jerusalem - Adv. Sami Ersheid (62373) 

Transitional Justice, Civil Society, and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – Dr. Jeremie Bracka (62287) 

The Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Intervention by International Bodies - Prof. Luis Moreno Ocampo (62013) 

Narratives of Justice: Law and Literature in Transitional Contexts - Dr. Renana Kedar (62768) 

Introduction to Dispute Settlement – Prof. Maya Steinitz (62025) 

Indigenous Law and Property – Prof. Sari Graben  

International Criminalization of Migration – Prof. Jennifer Chacon 

Workshop and Study Trip in Transitional Justice and Conflict: Cyprus as a Case Study – Dr. Lior Lehrs (62499)